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Sammlung de Weryha is based in the former depository of the palace museum Hamburg-Bergedorf.  Parts of the collection, currently 226 works of art by the sculptor Jan de Weryha-Wysoczański from 1997 until today, are permanently being on display in the grand scale exhibition rooms.


Sammlung de Weryha


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Living Art Factory

Whoever enters the main workshop in Harburg for the first time thinks he's in New York, London or Paris. Owing to the invaluable effort by the Harburg artists Klaus Elle und Jan de Weryha-Wysoczański the art gallery, which is located in an area of industrial ruins listed for preservation, could come into existence. Some years ago they discovered this inspiring area and started to fix a hall for working and exhibiting purposes. Without any kind of external financial support, they created a colossal 2-storeyed art room in a 'living art factory' style, which easily can keep up with comparable objects abroad. The main workshop isn't a 'dead' museum but a lively creative incubator, in which art is planned, created, exhibited, taught, and loved, therefore, simply lived. It's a great cultural gain for Hamburg - a small miracle for Harburg.

Jens Ullheimer